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Does your dog not know what to do with the Doggy Bathroom?

Hey guys, it’s Sterling. You ask, I answer. Today we’re discussing what to do if your dog doesn’t know what to do with the Doggy Bathroom. First, you have to make sure they know what NOT to do. That means no lying down and no eating inside (give them

My dog is scared of it.

Hey there, it’s Sterling!. So you bought the Doggy Bathroom, but your dog won’t go near it. It’s definitely not the best idea to force them to go in, so you’re going to have to try a sneakier way. It’s also not good to tempt them by placing treats in

Does your dog think the Doggy Bathroom is a crate?

Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Sterling. As cozy as the Doggy Bathroom is, it’s definitely not for your dog to lie in! Although, I must admit it was confusing at first. The trick is to implement some training practices that will make sure your dog knows i

My dog still won't use it.

Hi, again, it's Sterling!. If your pup still won't use the Doggy Bathroom, here's a tip that's both fun and helpful. Dogs tend to be territorial animals so the best way to get your pup used to the Doggy Bathroom is to let them mark their territory! H

The Benefits of a Hybrid Potty Routine for your Dog

As a dog owner, one of the most important responsibilities you have is ensuring that your furry friend gets enough exercise and goes potty regularly. Taking your dog outside for regular breaks is part of the deal - however, sometimes your pup may nee