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Does your dog not know what to do with the Doggy Bathroom?Updated 7 months ago

Hey guys, it’s Sterling. You ask, I answer.

Today we’re discussing what to do if your dog doesn’t know what to do with the Doggy Bathroom. First, you have to make sure they know what NOT to do. That means no lying down and no eating inside (give them reward treats outside)! This clear physical distinction of different task areas is essential to laying a good foundation for potty training.

Place your dog in the Doggy Bathroom occasionally to familiarize them with it. When you do so, use your potty command so they associate the space with potty time. Then, the next step would be attracting your dog to use it for the bathroom. I wrote a great article here about how to do that!

Practice makes perfect, so keep trying and good luck!

Love, Sterling.

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