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My dog is scared of it.Updated 7 months ago

Hey there, it’s Sterling!

So you bought the Doggy Bathroom, but your dog won’t go near it. It’s definitely not the best idea to force them to go in, so you’re going to have to try a sneakier way. It’s also not good to tempt them by placing treats inside as there needs to be a clear physical distinction between their eating space and potty space. Only give them treats after they have entered or used it!

First, try placing their used pee pad under a new one near the Doggy Bathroom, and move it closer and closer until they are inside. The scent of the used pee pads will attract them. Bring their attention to the fact that their pee pad is there frequently, so they remember. Start with a lightly used pee pad, but if it's not enough, use one that's heavily soiled with pee. If it's still not enough, you can go as far as asking a dog-friend for one of their used pee padsI know it sounds strange, but the best way to get a dog to leave their mark is over another dog's.

While your puppy is small, using just the Doggy Tray with a pee pad can help them get used to using the Doggy Bathroom. Repeat the steps above to attract them to the Doggy Tray. Gradually, as your dog grows and becomes more accustomed to it, you can add on the enclosure and give them the full Doggy Bathroom experience. This can eliminate some of the initial fear they have.

Patience is crucial, and all dogs are different. Some take to it right away, while others can take up to a week, or more. It requires work from both you and your pup. Once they get it, make sure to give them lots of treats!

Love, Sterling.

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