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My dog still won't use it.Updated 7 months ago

Hi, again, it's Sterling!

If your pup still won't use the Doggy Bathroom, here's a tip that's both fun and helpful. 

Dogs tend to be territorial animals so the best way to get your pup used to the Doggy Bathroom is to let them mark their territory! How do you get them to do that? 

The answer is to plan a puppy party! 

Invite a few of your furry friends over for a puppy party and one of the dogs is bound to wander over to the Doggy Bathroom and give it a go. Your puppy will be attracted to the other dog’s scent and will find its way over as well. Hopefully, after the paw-ty is finished, your dog will continue to use their Doggy Bathroom regularly!

Enjoy your party and don't furget to send me an invite!

Love, Sterling

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