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Why the Doggy Bathroom Is A Must for Aging PetsUpdated a year ago

One of the many reasons pet owners turn to the Doggy Bathroom is because they have an older pet. As dogs age, holding it in or finding appropriate places to relieve themselves can become difficult if they can't make it outside in time. And, if you’re ever running late, it can become very stressful trying to get home to our senior pets to let them out. 

It's always hard to accept the signs that your dog is getting older, but making sure an aging dog is comfortable can be one of the best and most compassionate things that a pet owner can do. Not only that, but our intuitive pets can feel a lot of shame and embarrassment when they start to have accidents in the house – nothing is more heartbreaking as a pet owner than watching our pets struggle. 

The Doggy Bathroom is a tool that brings peace of mind to your aging pet, which will, in turn, bring comfort to the both of you - and save your floors at the same time! They have their own space that is close-by and accessible giving you both the reassurance of knowing your pet has a designated area to do their business. Plus, its low entrance accommodates dogs who may have mobility restraints to go comfortably whenever the urge strikes. 

To make the transition as easy as possible for a senior dog, try and introduce them to the Doggy Bathroom earlier in their life. It is much easier to train a puppy and will help alleviate one of the messiest problems an ageing dog might face.

If you’re taking care of an aging dog, making accommodations to your dog’s lifestyle – including their potty routine, can help them live a healthier life. 

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