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Top Tips for Potty Training Shih TzusUpdated a year ago

Shih Tzu’s are one of the most popular small dog breeds and also amongst the top breeds that use the Doggy Bathroom. They are known to be independent and a bit stubborn, which can make it harder for them to learn house breaking rules. However, once you get to know your Shih Tzu’s quirks and patterns, it can be much easier to potty train them!

To do this, I’ve enlisted our special Shih Tzu friend Oreo (@thatshihtzuoreo on Instagram) for some insights on house training like-minded doggos!

Tip 1: Our quirks

Oreo: Understand our picky ways of saying “We need to go”. Whether we stare into your soul or are vocal, we are all unique and you need to pay attention! So we need you to focus here. 

Once you learn your dog’s special quirks, you can use those cues as important moments to train them!

Tip 2: Timing is key

Oreo: Keep a consistent schedule. We are definitely fans of a routine and will be cooperative… if you are.

Shih Tzu puppies are able to hold their bladders for the number of hours corresponding to their age in months. This can give you an idea of how to schedule their routines, starting with after they wake up or after their meals.

Tip 3: Be patient and avoid scolding

Oreo: Be forgiving if we make a mistake, we’re only human. I mean… Shih Tzus - HA! 

Since Shih Tzus can be stubborn, punishments can have a counterproductive effect on training. If your dog is urinating in the wrong spot, stay calm, interrupt with a sound such as a clap and bring them to the correct area

Training a new pup, whether it’s a shih tzu or any other breed will always come with hurdles but it’s the moments of sweet cuddles and happy walks that make it all worth it! Good luck and keep us posted! 

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