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Top Tips for Potty Training Mini PoodlesUpdated a year ago

Mini poodles are highly intelligent, adaptable, and eager to learn… all of which make them paw-fectly prepared to be trained to use the Doggy Bathrooms. Still, that’s not to say that your pup will not need some guidance in this process!

Today, I have two mini poodle friends, Ollie and Zac, who shared what they found helpful in their house training journey.

Tip 1: Slow and Steady

Ollie: While we love to learn new things, we also can sometimes be little balls of energy that can struggle to focus!

Make sure to be patient and take plenty of breaks. Mini poodles are fast learners, but it’s important to not rush them and continue to give them outlets to play and relax throughout training.

Tip 2: Keep it Fun

Zac: We are definitely people pleasers and want to make our parents happy… even when learning new ways to do our business :)

Incorporating plenty of positive reinforcement like treats and toys is crucial when training your mini poodle to use the Doggy Bathroom. Keeping their playful nature engaged is a must!

Tip 3: Maintain some Normalcy

Ollie: It’s important to maintain many of the attributes of our previous routines so we don’t get confused. 

Zac: Timing, vocal cues, behaviours, you name it! 

While mini poodles are incredibly smart, completely transforming their potty routines can lead to an extended training period so it's best to incorporate the Doggy Bathroom as young pups from the start. Make sure to keep all other variables the same and allow your pup to focus on the task at hand for best training results!

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