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The Diva series- Understanding PomeraniansUpdated a year ago

Pomeranians are adorable and lively little dogs that capture the hearts of many pet enthusiasts. We wanted to explore the various aspects of Pomeranian breeding, their temperaments, and provide tips to overcome common challenges during potty training. Of course, we have some fun facts littered throughout the article about these delightful companions! We interviewed resident pom enthusiast LeeAnn to discover all the details about our fluffy friends. LeeAnn is a certified breeder registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and a Breeder of Merit with the AKC. She is also active within the show dog space in Canada and the US for many years! So, let's dive in and unravel the world of Pomeranians!

What is the typical temperament of Pomeranians?

The temperament of a Pomeranian should not vary between miniature, standard, and throwback variations. LeeAnn notes the importance of understanding the temperament of the breed comes when choosing a breeder. By observing generational temperament within breeding lines, responsible breeders can match dogs to individuals based on their compatibility. Pomeranians can be quite reflective, copying the expectations and behaviours of their owners, such as personality traits their owners may have. It is vital to integrate them with other dogs to establish proper potty training behaviour to understand where the correct locations, such as outside or in a designated potty area, are and ensure their socialization. Although they are dogs, Pomeranians have emotions and should be treated as cherished members of the family. Positive reinforcement is crucial, as negative reinforcement can lead to fear responses and hinder their temperamental strength. As they have their personalities, mix and match each of our Doggy Bathroom Tray Bases and Mats!

What are signs and behaviours indicating they need to go potty?

Pomeranians exhibit specific signals and behaviours when they need to relieve themselves. These may include extensive sniffing, circling, or backing up. They prefer to urinate on a surface that does not cause splashback, such as a mat, demonstrating their cleanliness as a breed. We talked about the Doggy Bathroom design that helps limit the splashback of poms, with our Mats helping wipe their paws as soon as they’re done! Additionally, Pomeranians acclimate to being held by their owners and do not develop a strong odour. This further motivates them to seek a designated spot to do their business, where a Doggy Bathroom can be the perfect potty solution! 

What is the Potty Training Process like and what are the common mistakes?

The duration of the potty training process for Pomeranians varies depending on the consistency and the owner's understanding of the breed's needs. Generally, it can take around two weeks to establish a routine if the training is consistent. Owners can utilize techniques such as belly bands or marking pads to aid the training process. However, it is important to note that no specific time frame can be applied universally, as it depends on various factors, including the breeder's practices and the owner's accountability. Pomeranians look to their owners for guidance, and it is essential to retrain them if they are older than one year or have been previously trained in a different environment. The Doggy Bathroom can help aid in this training practice, as it is a larger area for pups to use!

How do you avoid mistakes in Potty Training?

One common mistake made by Pomeranian owners is expecting their new pet to arrive already trained. Pomeranians require retraining when transitioning to a new environment. Consistency, crate training, and rewarding good behaviour are essential elements of successful potty training. Owners should be aware of their barking signals as ignoring them can lead to accidents. With a Doggy Bathroom indoors, poms can easily do their busy on their time without the hassle of waking you up! 

With all that being said, poms are a great way to add fun to your everyday life! They may be divas, but they are just as loyal and loving as any dog may be! Want to celebrate them, check out our website for dog toys like our Westies to show your love!

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