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Senior dog incontinence - what are the symptoms and how to deal with it.Updated a year ago

With older age comes a few health issues. Some senior dogs, regardless of sex or breed, can struggle with incontinence, which is the inability to control their bladder or bowels. Although incontinent dogs experience no pain, it’s better to make some changes to your home environment or pet hygiene routines to make them feel more comfortable. 

Since incontinence could also be because of behaviour problems or changes in other factors, the first step is to determine the cause. Common symptoms of incontinence includes: 

  • Leaking urine while sleeping 
  • Dribbling urine or dropping stool while standing or walking (not squatting first) 
  • Leaving wet spots on bedding 
  • Persistent smell of urine on their fur 
  • Damp legs 
  • Increased tendency to lick around the back end 
  • Incontinence issues can come and go for a while before they develop into a chronic problem. 

Common causes of incontinence in senior dogs include urinary tract infections, kidney disease, arthritis, fluctuating hormone levels, and dementia. Supplement and medication can help to treat it, and the good news is that the vast majority of treatments are 100% successful. Talk with your vet to determine the actual cause of incontinence and the proper treatment for your dog. 

In addition to medical treatment, there are also steps you can take to avoid messy accidents. The Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit comes with high absorbent pee pads that can be placed around the house in case of sudden accidents, which keeps everything more clean and contained that having loose pee pads throughout the home. Having an indoor litter box also allows your dog to do their business without having to go outside more frequently, especially during cold or rainy weather that could contribute to poor hygiene. 

Last but not least, never try to treat your dog’s incontinence by reducing their water intake! Dogs of all ages need plenty of water to stay hydrated, so taking away their water supply can result in dehydration and serious health issues. 

Incontinence is not your dog’s fault, so the most important advice is to not scold them for an accident. This will result in confusion, stress, and shame for your dog. Offer them an understanding and comfortable environment at home and try to tackle the issue from the root. The Doggy Bathroom is here to help make life a little easier at any stage. 

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