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Moving homes with your dogUpdated a year ago

While moving can be a fresh start in life, your dog may find your new home to be an unfamiliar environment that takes some getting used to. To make the most out of your move, here are some tips for a stress-free journey for you and your furry friend.

Plan ahead!

Before moving day happens, your dog will already see changes to their environment as you begin packing. As furniture gets replaced by boxes, they may be disoriented by the sudden change. To reduce Fido’s stress and uncertainty, routine is crucial; maintain your dog’s schedule by sticking to a consistent feeding time, playtime, and sleep. If your pup is trained with the Doggy Bathroom, move-out day will be even easier because they’ll recognize their potty even in new environments. You may also decide to leave your dog with trusted family members or friends while you complete the packing process, especially if your dog will be frightened by loud noises or the presence of movers.

Moving in

During moving day, take care to transport your dog in a safe manner, such as in a travel crate or dog car harness. Luckily, the Doggy Bathroom is stackable and lightweight for easy travelling. As the two of you brave the journey ahead, make sure to stop frequently for exercise and potty breaks, which are extra important when travelling long distances. Make sure to bring lots of Doggy Bathroom Pickup Bags for outdoor potty breaks during the move. You’ll also want to keep temperature in mind, as both extreme heat and cold are dangerous to your dog, so ensure the A/C or heater is on. Hydration is also key and access to water is a must for the trip.

Getting settled

As you finally settle into your new home, make sure to give your dog plenty of care for accompanying you on this journey. Place the Doggy Bathroom in a noticeable spot so that your pup knows where their potty is in their new home. Snuggle them up in their favourite Doggy Bathroom towel and give them lots of attention! Let your dog take their time to explore and get used to their new surroundings, while you prepare to settle into a consistent routine once more. If possible, increase quality time with your pet by scheduling your move when you can be home often, such as during a weekend or holiday. Being present for the first few days will do a lot to calm your dog in an unfamiliar environment.

While your pup may be anxious at first in an unfamiliar environment, with love and patience, they’ll soon learn to fall in love with their new home. 

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