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Let Them Mark Their TerritoryUpdated 7 months ago

Have you ever noticed that your dog tends to always go in the same spot? 

That’s because they’ve marked their territory and are searching for their scent. In fact, the enzymes found in the scent becomes another attractant to encourage your pup to go back to the same spot. 

This same routine can be achieved with the Doggy Bathroom. Once they’ve left their scent, then the Doggy Bathroom is officially marked as their own and they’ll use it more and more often. 

Another useful tip that Doggy Bathroom owners have found success from is by getting another dog to use the Doggy Bathroom. This will encourage your pup to go over and leave their mark as well. 

"It took a few days for Remy to realize and feel comfortable to go in the Doggy Bathroom. After I put a used pee pad inside it made all the difference!" - Darlene G.

As always, once your pup successfully uses the Doggy Bathroom, be sure to reward them with treats and lots of cuddles! 

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