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How to care for a dog as a seniorUpdated a year ago

Many seniors find warm companionship with a furry friend. There are various benefits to living with a pet, whether you are seeking unconditional love or an active lifestyle. Caring for a dog can help combat loneliness, create a routine, and, overall, brighten your day.

Finding the right dog

For seniors seeking to own a dog, finding a right match for a dog is important. Whether you spend time at your local shelter to get to know the dogs, or are thinking about a specific breed, finding a pup who is in sync with your lifestyle is one of the keys to a successful friendship. Consider lifestyle and environmental factors to select the best size and temperament, keeping in mind that larger and more energetic dogs usually require greater space and sometimes, more activity. Similar logic applies for the age of your dog; a puppy will need to be trained from scratch, while an older dog may have some training already. You can meet different dogs at the shelter to find the best match.

Taking care of your new friend

Living with a dog can be a great way to establish a daily routine. Playtime and walks are wonderful ways to lift your spirits while ensuring both you and your dog remain active. Tools such as the #1 Litter Box of the Year, Doggy Bathroom, help seniors navigate essential dog care. The Doggy Bathroom is an easy to clean potty solution for dogs featuring vertical pee pads for leg lifters. It’s the perfect solution for late-night or bad weather walks, and senior dogs and owners who may struggle with mobility. One review by Mary.G states that “as a senior with health issues, this has made bathroom time a lot easier for both of us especially during the winter with those cold and snowy days!”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help for tasks you find difficult to accomplish on your own. Asking friends and family to lend a hand can help socialise your new pet to people. When you need expertise in more specialised areas, consider seeking a dog walker or trainer as well.

Love your dog

Ultimately, having a dog at any age will bring great joy to your life. With the right preparation, seniors can enjoy the companionship and love a furry friend brings. 

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