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Getting StartedUpdated 7 months ago

Congratulations on purchasing your pup’s very own Doggy Bathroom! Getting started is very simple – before you know it, your pup will be enjoying all the benefits and independence of their private ensuite. Keep reading for 6 easy steps to getting started.

1. Think about where you want to install your Doggy Bathroom and commit. 

We recommend avoiding changing it around if you can help it until your dog is fully trained. 

2. Install your Doggy Bathroom in the desired location. 

Let your dog sniff it and grow accustomed to its presence. Familiarise your dog with it by placing them inside and rewarding them with a treat after they use it.

3. Attract your dog to the Doggy Bathroom 

Doggy Bathroom’s signature pee pads are made with an attractant to encourage your pup to use it. Feel free to place one of your dog’s own used pee pads inside - or better yet, another dog’s used pee pad to help introduce the scent. If a used pee pad doesn't entice your doggy to enter the enclosure, place a pee pad nearby and gradually move it closer and closer until it’s completely inside the Doggy Bathroom.

4. Don’t let your dog sit or lie down in it as they might think it’s a crate. Don’t feed them treats while they are inside the Doggy Bathroom either - only reward them with treats after they exit and have used it. 

5. If you use a command for potty time, signal them to pee in the Doggy Bathroom by using your keyword command while directing them to the Doggy Bathroom.

6. If they are still hesitant to go all the way in, separate the Doggy Tray from the Enclosure. 

Place a pee pad on the bottom of the Doggy Tray and continue your training using just the Doggy Tray. Once they get used to the Doggy Tray, then introduce the Enclosure.

Remember, this process may take some time and effort from both you and your doggy. But once they get it, the benefits will be great! Patience is key. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email [email protected] for more personalised tips!

For the visual learners, check out this TikTok with tips and tricks for training your pup.

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