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Familiarize Your Dog With The Doggy BathroomUpdated 7 months ago

For smaller dogs and young puppies, finding their way inside the Doggy Bathroom should be simple since the entrance of the Doggy Bathroom is easily recognizable for any dog. Our pee pads are also made with an attractant to entice your pup to use it. After a play session or shortly after your puppy eats or drinks, lead them inside the Doggy Bathroom to help them associate it with potty time. Some smaller puppies eliminate between 5 to 30 minutes after drinking, making this the perfect time to test out their new ensuite!

Lead them to the Doggy Bathroom and let them freely explore the unit uninterrupted until they feel comfortable inside. You can also place your pup inside the Doggy Bathroom periodically throughout the day so that they can become accustomed to it. 

Be sure to gently encourage your pup to enter their new bathroom without forcing them in. You can use a happy high pitch voice to praise them and don't forget to reward your best friend with treats once they successfully use the Doggy Bathroom!

As stated by @lifewithlouie1025 on Instagram, “Time along with patience and lots of treats will get you there “

Good luck and enjoy the journey! 

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