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Do I need the Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit or just the Base?Updated 7 months ago

Choosing between the Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit and the Base is an important decision. But don’t fret - we’re here to help you decide on the best option for you and your pup!

The Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit

Winner of the Pet Innovation Award, the Doggy Bathroom is our innovative product that lets your dog have the freedom to go when they naturally need to in a stylish, easy to clean unit. The high walls of the Doggy Bathroom allow for vertical absorption and visual privacy. Designed for both dogs who lift their leg – and those who don’t, the Doggy Bathroom is easy to set up and will give your dog independence when they need to do their business. What makes our dog litter box unique is that we’ve designed custom dog pee pads to be attached inside that can absorb liquid vertically and prevent any unwanted messes. Simply attach the pee pads to the walls and lay another one down on the bottom of the Doggy Bathroom and let the sniffin begin! 

The Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit has everything you need to get started. It includes one Enclosure, one Base (in whichever colour you'd like), 50 of our extra-absorbent self-adhesive pee pads and six clips in case you rather use your own pee pads or even washable pee pads.

The Base

If you’re ordering just the Base, you’re either looking for a solution to secure your pee pads in place or a secondary colour to switch things up to match your space. The Base is a great solution for small female dogs or male dogs that don’t lift their leg. The walls are just tall enough to keep any possible unwanted mess from going beyond where they shouldn't. The entrance at the front is just low enough to let even the smallest pup get inside. This will make your pup get used to the idea of doing their business in a confined space, ensuring they don't miss by having only 2 paws in and 2 paws off the pee pad. Our Bases are made from a soft-touch, sturdy non-slip rubber so that they won’t shift with even the most energetic pup. Choose between classic dark grey, light grey, modern navy blue or trendy pink which is sure to match any space. The Base is a great option if you’re looking for an easy-to-clean device to hold your pee pads in place by preventing them from moving around. 

Both the Base and the Doggy Bathroom are designed for small dogs under 20lbs. At the end of the day, it depends on whether your dog is a leg lifter, and if you prefer the visual privacy of the Starter Kit.

Tip 💡: Many Doggy Bathroom owners recommend to get the Starter Kit – it comes with a rubberized, drop-in Base so you can begin training your pup with the Base first then add the Enclosure once your dog is ready!

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