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Installation & Care

Installation Guide

Download the Installation Guide. 1. Position base in the desired location. This location should not be changed often as it may lead to confusion for your pup. 2. Gently place the Doggy Bathroom enclosure inside the base. 3. If you are planning on mak

Installation: Rails

Doggy Bathroom rails are designed so that the pee pads can be attached vertically on both sides of the enclosure. They can be easily removed and reinstalled anytime, making it adaptable to both male and female dogs. If you ever need more rails, pleas

Care Instructions: Doggy Bathroom

With all the hustling and bustling of owning a dog, things can get messy! But luckily for you, cleaning your Doggy Bathroom is as easy as pie. One of the best parts of the Doggy Bathroom is that it is easy to clean. Our Doggy Bathroom Pee Pads are su

Care Instructions: Mats

Our plush, cozy Mats are designed to keep your floors pristine and add a touch of luxury to any pet space. That’s why it’s important to clean your Mats on a regular basis to keep them looking new and pristine! Follow the simple steps below to do just