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Adhesive Pee PadsUpdated 7 months ago

“These pee pads are the best! My two 8 pound poodles and I love the pee pads and size. I especially like the new red strip. It makes finding the adhesive strip so much easier. We like the size of the pee pads, too ” Mary F.

Pet parents just love our Doggy Bathroom’s Pee Pads. But exactly what are they and why are they so special?

What are pee pads?

Pee pads, also called potty pads, wee wee pads, dog training pads are absorbent pads that help dogs go potty indoors without creating a mess. They offer protection against unwanted leaks on the furniture or flooring, saving your home from a surprise accident. 

Doggy Bathroom pee pads offer even more protection with their signature three-layer design. The top layer is made with natural material that allows liquid to pass through, while the middle layer is engineered with a blend of super absorbent polymer that absorbs liquid and turns it into gel. The bottom layer is made to create a shield between the liquid and Doggy Bathroom Base or enclosure. 

Why are they useful?

Pee pads are a helpful solution for training puppies and mitigating indoor potty accidents, especially when combined with the Doggy Bathroom’s simple, easy to clean system. Whether you live in an apartment, have a senior dog who is experiencing incontinence, or often find yourself stuck in traffic with a pup waiting at home, the Doggy Bathroom is the perfect solution to give your pup independence to go when the urge strikes. 

What makes our pee pads special? 

Doggy Bathroom’s Pee Pads are not just any pee pads! Our pee pads are specially engineered for vertical absorption, with thick, fluffy material and an adhesive strip. These pee pads turn liquid into gel, making for easy cleanups, and can be reused multiple times after washing. With an absorbency of over 1000mL, they can last through multiple uses.

With a special scent that attracts dogs to use them, our pee pads also include baking soda to help deodorise the pad after each use.

Pee pads can be used traditionally inside the Doggy Bathroom as intended or, separately on the bottom of the Doggy Bathroom Base, if you are using it as a pee pad tray. To line the interior of the Doggy Bathroom, the adhesive strip on our pee pads allow for easy vertical application, as they are sized to perfectly fit the Doggy Bathroom. 

Follow us on TikTok and check out this short video to learn everything you need to know about our famous pee pads! 

Our Pee Pad Subscription service allows you to save both time and money, with 200 pee pads delivered to your door on a regular basis right when you need them. By subscribing, you’ll save $5 on each delivery and get free shipping. If your dog is a frequent user of pee pads, this option is perfect for you. 

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